Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Imaginary Friends & Imaginary Worlds

Dan Santat's Caldecott winning picture book whimsically begins "He was born on an island far away where imaginary friends were created. Here, they lived and played, each eagerly waiting to be imagined by a real child." 

But Beekle struggles in the real world to find that friend who might imagine him... so the Bubbler has decided to step in and help. Using Beekle as our inspiration, Maker Corps has teamed up with MSCR sites at Sennett and Muir to get those imaginations going! And the results have been something magical.

And we have discovered the incredible allure of neon and glitter crayons, the importance of lots of multicolored feathers, and just how much is possible with construction paper and google eyes when paired with imaginations

However, it isn't just Beekle's adorable appearance that makes him so irresistible. It's his adorable personality and sense of adventure, as well as the colorful place where he lives. So this time, we included opportunities and space for our Bubblerteers to give their creatures names, tell us about where they lived, and what made them so special. 

Like through acting. Where at Allied Dr. Learning Center we BECAME monsters to put ourselves in their terrifying shoes. 

Or turned them into pop-up books to give them their own voices and making them talk! 

At at Sennett where we drew our creature's natural habitat and what made them so ferocious! Like creatures who live in lava (they need orange wings to fly over the top!). Or friends named Jelly Bean to live in Weird Forests. And Abstract monsters that turn to squiggles on the page... and blue cats who primarily reside on blue couches. 

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