Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Another Week of Building, Coding, Creating, and Inventing


In the last week of June, Caide and Kai had their first school visits to Allied Learning Center and Nuestro Mundo where kids became superheroes making masks, capes, and arm bands, or drew their own superheroes on comic strips at coloring stations. Suddenly we were surrounded by kids who could shoot lasers, kids flying through the stratosphere, and kids freezing the room in icy blasts.


At Pinney Library Caide and Kai came with the Building kit. The kids came right at the start of the hour to try out Keva Planks, Popsicle sticks with binder clips and rubber bands, and the most popular of all- plastic cups.

There were plastic cup towers, plastic cup fortresses, plastic cup pyramids and many more creations. Sometimes it was hard when kids knocked over each other's towers without asking and the kids had to figure out ways to collaborate and communicate with each other.



At Hawthorne Caide once again had a blast with the Maps and Mazes kit. After a truly remarkable performance from the Truly Remarkable Loon, lots of kids streamed out into the children’s section to add to the growing obstacle course of tape- I mean lasers- winding its way through the bookshelves.
Soon the course was so busy that we had to commandeer another section of the room to continue. Kids also drew their own maps and mazes, some with treacherous mountains and others with blue portals that transported you to other parts of the maze.


This week the Ozobots made an appearance at Alicia Ashman. This is one of Kai’s favorite kits, because it introduces basic coding in a fun and artistic way. Kids draw different color sequences, which the bots read by traveling over them. These sequences tell the bots to move quickly or slowly, or even spin around. It's so much fun!

At the start, a few younger boys showed up. They enjoyed watching the robots move and catching them before they fell off the table, but didn’t want to draw sequences for them. Once some older kids arrived, we tried bunch of different things. We had the Ozobots trace a star, race each other, and even used the bots to go bowling!


On Thursday Caide went to Goodman South Library to make Paper Puppets in the children’s section.

Caide was happy to visit this library because she grew up only a mile away and had been to this branch many times! Over the course of two hours kids filtered through, making many eyed monsters, feather frenzied puppets, and puppets with long, twisted tongues. After many struggles with different type of glue, we decided that pom poms simply don’t stay stuck to the paper.

Caide also got to go back to Lakeview with the Things that Fly kit to make paper airplanes and catapults galore. After working with the initial plane diagrams the kids got creative with their own folds and flight improvements. Caide was especially impressed by one girl’s origami pinwheel got to learn how to make her own with the girl’s careful instructions.  

All in all, it was another great week. We hope you all had as much fun as our Maker Corps members. In July, Caide and Kai will begin spending more time at schools, but will still make it out to a few of the libraries.

Check out our full schedule of locations and times at http://madisonbubbler.org/make-something-at-your-library/

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