Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sock Monsters with Ife at Goodman South Library

These past two weeks of making with the Bubbler at our community libraries and partner sites has been a whirlwind of fun, imagination and play! Just follow me as I relive the special moments from our first week.

Our first week was filled with monstrous fun at Goodman South Library. We set up our Sock Monster station right in the children's section and were immediately swarmed by little makers Tuesday morning. It was wonderful to sit patiently with a group of kiddos ranging from the ages of 6 to 13 and teach them a new skill- sewing.

There were lots of questions, a couple small hiccups (“oops I think I sewed their eyes all whacko.” That’s perfect, monsters a pretty silly and whacko...), but mostly splendid smiles when the kids began to see their creations come together.

Our sock monster kit includes socks (lots of the washed and donated by Bubbler fans), buttons, felt for cutting out fangs and noses, pompom balls, and leather working needles. The leather working needles are pretty big and easy for small hands to hold, but still have relatively sharp points for stitching together our creations. We also have fun illustrated instructions we are posting to the Bubbler website soon!

20160628_121026.jpgAn especially special moment was a father and daughter who diligently and collaboratively designed their sock monster, paying close attention to matching the thread color with the monsters accessories.

We had older siblings making monsters for younger siblings and siblings encouraging each other in their own sock monster making.

I'm excited to be heading back to Goodman every Tuesday morning in July. The next couple weeks we'll be hanging out with the Taft St. Boy & Girls club in the meeting room doing making, but everyone is still invited to come in and join in the fun.

Sibling team at work sewing up a sock monster. 
I love how they used the heels as mouths!

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